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Tattoo Cover Up in Munich

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The demand for cover-ups – especially black and gray- is still very high here at Tattoo Anansi in Munich. We are always happy to help you – not all hope is lost immediately. You can, of course, choose laser removal; which can be a very costly unnecessary expense. We have first-class experience in the area of cover-ups (see pictures.) We have additionally received an incredible amount of positive feedback – which motivates us, even more, to transform many tattoo sins into real works of art. Cover-ups have always consumed a large part of our work. A bad tattoo does not define a person nor is it a reason to feel bad. Even if you had made your decision prematurely or carelessly. Just like people, times and attitudes change – colors, equipment and craftsmanship are also on a completely different level then in years past. With a little creativity, a lot of tattoo-technical skills and even more experience,we will help you feel more comfortable in your own skin and proudly show your tattoos again. In the area of cover-ups, we have in-depth knowledge and the best technical skills that speak for themselves. Turn to us with confidence for professional cover-ups in Munich.



The best way to begin is to plan a time to come to our shop during the consultation hours (Tuesday and Thursday 11-12 and 19-20) so we can look at and discuss everything. Please note that you should come to us with ideas and especially pictures regarding the new motif. “I want something added to or covering it” is unfortunately not sufficient. A bit of personal creativity and direction in the form of pictures are required – this is the only way we can guarantee that your new tattoo will not only be spotless but will also still please you for many years. We are happy to make counter-proposals and help develop your personal concept together. If you live outside of Munich, and the journey is too long, you can alsomake an appointment for a tattoo consultation via e-mail. Send us an e-mail at including a photo with your old tattoo (the best is a photo with an empty white A4 sheet next tothe tattoo – so we can assess the portions). Also please include 1 – 3 pictures of your new ideas! We are looking forward to helping you.

Basic rule for Cover-up: The new tattoo must be bigger and darker than the old one. A cover-up will never be lighter or more delicate – it is difficult to cover a tattoo with light colors or with a motif containing a lot of “empty” space (mandala, Maori etc.)


The classic- weather its ass or the name of an ex-partner. A touch up (touching up, improving, correcting, expanding the faded old or unsuccessful tattoo) or cover up (covering the old tattoo) are apart of our daily work in Munich – all methods have their limits – and that is the challenge we enjoy. But why should a tattoo go away? Let’s be honest: if you have a lot of tattoos, there is always one that doesn’t quite meet the standards applied to a good tattoo.

Please think it about it very carefully. Most of the time, a tattoo will reflect the state of the art of tattooing at the time it was created. An old tattoo doesn’t always need to be completely covered or changed. Note – a tattoo is often more the a purely aesthetic body feature or decoration. So please contemplate whether your tattoo still holds sentimental value or a precious memory. Personal stories are important. Many tattoos are linked to memories that are worth keeping.



Yes, its is possible to cover scars with a tattoos. The scar must have healed completely and no longer bered. There are different types of scars: scratches, superficial cuts, operations, vaccinations, hard/soft scar tissue, flat or raised. Every type of scar absorbs ink differently, which makes tattooing technically very demanding. The transition from the scar to skin can also be difficult. This requires a very experienced tattoo artist, who has the ability to adapt to different types of skin within a tattoo. Just as with self-harm wounds (see below), we have to be aware of the personal fate associated with a wound.


“When I look at my scars – it makes me sad. Covering my scars are the first step towards feeling better about myself. So that when I show myself in public I am more confident because it makes others also feel more comfortable around me.” – this is a statement from a dear customer in England. The impact a tattoo can have on our lives is definitely underestimated. What many of us go through before we come to a decision to get a tattoo is often unclear – also how long it was only becomes clear during the consultation session. Self-harm scars can be a burden for those affected for years to come. We were inspired by our colleagues in England and meanwhile help cover up old scars every day.

Compared to tattoo cover-ups, the artist faces a completely different set of challenges: Scar tissue can be very different depending on the cause, size and age of the scar. So it is more important to come to the consultation in Munich to see what is “feasible” regarding each individual case. The first step is, often times, difficult for those affected, but most already feel more relaxed, about the process, after the discussion phase. After the first tattoo session, the tattoo can almost make the scar completely disappear and you can make a statement: This scar is now a thing of the past.


Stretch marks caused by pregnancy, puberty and weight gain can be bothersome. Often the stripes change color over time but remain or the stripes then change from red to purple etc. Unfortunately, annoying stretch marks do not usually disappear so easily. We can often times find a way to make the stretch marks go away. To do this, we don’t need advanced technology, witchcraft or lasers – just the right technique. Nowadays, when a woman suffering from breast cancer have their nipples so faintly tattooed that they no longer need cosmetic surgery. Stretch marks can, of course, also be covered by many beautiful motifs.