Tattoo Anansi Skin Care

Before Getting Your Tattoo

Before getting your tattoo, please come well rested and relaxed for your appointment. It is recommended you eat one hour before the appointment. You should never arrive with an empty stomach, as it can lead to circulatory issues. We also ask you not to plan an appointment shortly before a holiday which includes a lot of contact with intense sunshine.

If you’re allergic to any of these materials: gypsum, cement, flour, blood, lubricants, oil, acid fumes, acid, high temperatures, chlorine water, please schedule an appointment during your holidays. If this is not possible, it is important you tell your tattoo artist, who will then give you separate care instructions.

One day before the appointment one should not consume alcohol/drugs, or then during the procedure too much blood will exit from the wound. This can be very difficult when working and will unnecessarily lengthen the session. Bleeders and people who need to take blood thinning medication, should first consult with their doctor if getting a tattoo is possible at the time of the appointment.


The freshly adherent film applied by the tattoo artist should be removed after a few hours, at the latest 3-4 hours after the session. You should then briefly rinse your tattoo with cold water (take the best perfume-free medical soap available – otherwise, normal lukewarm tap water will do). After the rinse, let the tattoo air dry for two minutes, or carefully dab the wet area with a lint-free kitchen roll. Apply a healing ointment on to your tattoo (do not massage). Panthenol ointment, bepanthen, tattoo cream or ink-fixx is recommended. Please then carefully cover your tattoo with foil again. Repeat this process 5-6 times every day.

For the first two days and nights, protect the tattoo with fresh film. Afterwards, you can leave out the film, and just apply cream 2-3 times every day, until the scab has completely fallen off. Do not scratch your tattoo! You will end up removing color particles, which will ruin your tattoo. Do not scratch even if it itches. To help relieve any itching, you can gently slap your tattoo with a flat hand, or carefully re-apply cream. After a few days, when the scab falls off, some color will be in the crust. This is normal. It should be noted that each skin type heals and reacts to the colors differently.

Direct sun exposure, swimming (especially in salt or chlorinated water), Saunas and anything similar should be avoided in the first month after getting your tattoo.

A fresh tattoo should be treated like a wound! So please be careful, especially with the first few days.

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