Here you will find articles and posts about the best thing in the world – tattoos.

In our new magazine we collect stories about tattooing, the lives of the tattooed and the artists. From tattoo disasters to great works of art. We will continue to show you incentives for creative tattoo ideas. Introduce world-class tattoo artists and their models, as well as news from the scene.

There are a vast array of designs, trends and stories. The magic on the skin has captivated people for many centuries. Originally tattoos were created to express religious beliefs or ritual affiliations. This started a veritable enthusiasm for this body art, which continues to this day.

Tattoos show the vast creativity and artistry of those who decorate the body – the tattoo artists. They have a special relationship with their works of art. Their work appears on a living canvas that breathe and move. It’s incredible and beautiful.

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