At some point while traveling, the moment comes when the traveler wants to take a selfie – with himself, with the great ambiance in the background, and perhaps with his tattoo, on his arm or anywhere else.

Then why not choose the places in advance, then visit each and skillfully take the selfie. This is deliberate and safe. Especially when you think of the many accidents that happen when selfies are taken carelessly. “The abyss behind you is already waiting…”

The “Anansi Chronicles” present here a couple interesting and particularly beautiful places in San Francisco, which are very suitable for a selfie. Checked for safety. And always good for a story.


Ambience of the Armory Club

In the “Armory Club” people may not be appreciated if he is to be used as a backdrop for a selfie. The “selfie” must be taken quickly and unnoticed in the Victorian-set bar. But then you are in possession of a selfie, which is connected with a very special backdrop. For years, the Armory Club was the place where the fetish and BDSM video production held KINK.com their meetings and sessions. The gigantic castle, home to the Armory Club, is still a landmark for the young gender movement and its sexual liberation. In San Francisco, everyone can and should live according to their personal taste and passion. With mutual consent, of course. Both the castle and the club may be an interesting motive for aselfie for all tattoo enthusiasts. Very good also suitable for “kinky drinks” in the evening!


Haight Ashbury Crossing

“Love and Peace” were the slogans for San Francisco’s in the 1960s. The area where Haight Street met the Ashbury, in particular, became a symbol of the hippie movement. The dropouts met there, the musicplayed, there was free LSD and free love. The hippie movement quickly lost its innocence, but the belief in an equal, peaceful and sensual society lives on. Let’s take a selfie under the original street signs. Thus acknowledging the ideal of freedom.If you’ve been there, you could still stop by amoeba (further down Haight Street). There, the rock’n’rollsoul will find everything it needs. Music, underground magazines, tickets for shows, etc. The great lettering high up in front of the entrance is always suitable for a selfie.

The Occult House

  1. The William Westerfeld House has been haunting since at least 1928, when Russian emigrants opened the obscure nightclub “Dark Eyes” there. Later in 1967, the underground director Kenneth Anger took over the estate. Anger, a supporter of the Satanist Aleister Crowleys, made the film “Invocation of my demon brother” there. The cast of the film is remarkable: Bob Beausoleil, a member of the Charles Manson Family, Anton LaVeil, founder of the Church of Satan, and you can hear and be amazed, Mick Jagger.
  2. If this is not too scary, we recommend a selfie on the bottom step of the entrance. It is best to own a protective tattooed symbol that defends against ghosts of all kinds. Warning: no security guarantee can be provided for each further step towards the main door. Maybe too daring for a selfie, but a lot can be said about it later.

Baker Beach with the Golden Gate Bridge

A photo with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background is must when visiting San Francisco. You can combine this with a selfie, preferably at Baker Beach. This is located just to the west of the Golden Gate Bridge. You can’t present yourself and your trip more impressively: the Pacific Ocean with beach and waves, and above the landmark of San Francisco. Every tattoo on the body radiates by itself. It’s hard to beat. Maybe with a quick dip in the cool water. But again the Anansi security warning: The water is very cold, strong currents and from time to time sharks are spotted. No guarantee can be given for a selfie in the water. Better a picnic on the beach, with guitar, a glass of wine and the gigantic bridge in the background.


– Finally an insider tip: If you want to show your own body in all its splendor (with all its tattoos of course) and immortalize it on a selfie, the Laundromats in San Francisco, are ideal. There you can strip down to your underwear, put your clothes in the drum, wash, and spend the intervening time with selfies. Have some fun at the Laundromat. Well then, let’s go!

ARMORY CLUB: 1799 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103

AMOEBA MUSIC: 1855 Haight St, San Francisco, CA 94117

WILLIAM WESTERFELD HOUSE: 1198 Fulton St, San Francisco, CA 94117

BAKER BEACH: 1504 Pershing Drive, CA 94129

Text: Julian Bachmann